E3: 4 Days of Timelapse for The Division

city_timelapse_01 TheDivision BTS Timelapse from Blur Studio on Vimeo. The cinematic for Ubisoft’s The Division stole the show at E3 with it’s with hard-hitting emotional narrative and experimental timelapse techniques. To create this photo-real timelapse lighting Brandon Riza and his two dog pals set out for a mountain top. For 4 days straight, he filmed HDR images of the sky, constantly charging and swapping batteries charged via solar panels. It was these images that brought the lightning to the urban landscape of The Division. TheDivision_BTS_Timelapse_01 Watch the reveal of The Division cinematic at E3   TIMELAPSE_SCREENGRABS_01 TIMELAPSE_SCREENGRABS_07 TIMELAPSE_SCREENGRABS_06 TIMELAPSE_SCREENGRABS_05 TIMELAPSE_SCREENGRABS_04 TIMELAPSE_SCREENGRABS_03 TIMELAPSE_SCREENGRABS_02